Vellarus offers procurement and logistical support solutions for government and private sector clients worldwide. Our full-service capabilities will forge a secure and safe environment, removing the burden of managing logistics and life support supply from our clients, allowing them to focus on their primary responsibility. Our vast experience of our team in procurement and logistics has led to the successful delivery and completion of projects worldwide.

In addition we provide small businesses full representation the middle East region giving the capabilities to offer full management services to include full sourcing QA/QC serves.
Our logistics outsourcing involves the relationship between our company and our LSP (logistic service provider), which, compared with basic logistics services, has more customized offerings, encompasses a broad number of service activities, is characterized by a long-term orientation, and thus has a strategic nature.

Vellarus also provides horizontal business alliances which occur between logistics service providers, i.e., the cooperation between two or more logistics companies that are potentially competing.
In our horizontal alliance, these partners can benefit twofold. On one hand, they can “access tangible resources which are directly exploitable.” In this example extending common transportation networks, their warehouse infrastructure and the ability to provide more complex service packages can be achieved by combining resources. On the other hand, partners can “access intangible resources, which are not directly exploitable.” This typically includes know-how and information and, in turn, innovation.

Some of our curriculum includes:

  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Food Management Services
  • Facility Maintenance and Management